Agroselect Semences Research and Development Center has been successfully operating in the agricultural product market. The main area of our company’s activity is breeding, cultivating, and processing sunflower seeds conforming to the European standards.

Agroselect Semences is a part of AMG Holding group of companies. It should be mentioned that Agroselect Semences is the first private institution in the Republic of Moldova to work in this sphere. Asserting this, we refer directly to the main areas of our company’s activity and the advantages of the Centre, through which it has attained the high quality sunflower hybrids resistant to the most destructive factors, such as drought and various plant diseases.

It should be taken into account that that Agroselect Semences is a dynamic developing company creating its own traditions and employing highly qualified staff, which makes it work effective and stable.

One of the main activities of the Company is professional staff training. The skill level of the staff is an important factor which predetermines the competitiveness of any organization. The system of continuous staff training is focused on acquiring necessary knowledge and professional skills by the employees.

An entire “arsenal” of modern means of education, such as seminars, trainings, internships abroad, and computerized remote education programs, is used during the training. Thus, over the last three years, the number of the employees who have enhanced their qualification has been steadily increasing

Currently, Agroselect Semences Research and Development Center is an enterprise with the qualified personnel who perform the full cycle of work necessary for preparing the seeds – from the cultivation of seeds in the hybridization sites to processing them at our own factory equipped with modern facilities. High quality of the seeds is ensured due to their compliance with the latest technology used in the sphere of selected seed production. About 1000 hybrid combinations are yearly examined in various nurseries (screening tests, competitive tests). In the self-pollinated line breeding nurseries, more than 30 thousand self-pollination and crossings (transferring constant self-pollinated lines at CMS, RF, and developing disease resistance) are practiced.

An intensive research program aimed at breeding six types of hybrids, a new generation of higher quality, characterized by increased resistance to diseases and unfavorable climatic conditions such as drought, is being currently implemented. Besides, the hybrids will be characterized by higher crop capacity and oil content as well as the earlier ripening period.

The modern equipment installed at the processing plant allows thoroughly cleaning, sorting, and calibrating the seeds. The seeds are further treated with fungicides, insecticides, and growth stimulants. As a result, we offer for sale the seeds that have passed multi-level control, which is confirmed by the quality certificates of the Republic of Moldova and ISTA international certificates.

To make the results of our work more effective, Agroselect Semences Research and Development Center staff has established a fruitful collaboration with the institutions engaged in breeding sunflower seed hybrids in Serbia, France, Romania, and the USA.

In particular, we are happy to work with the renowned international institutions listed below:

Caussade Semences (France) is one of the largest companies in Europe, successfully expanding its sphere of activity in the agricultural market in many European countries. Caussade Semences is the seed production giant in the true sense of the word.

Chemtura Agrosolutions (USA) provides us with the necessary high quality materials: disinfectants, dyes, polymers, and fungicides.

Novi Sad Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops (Serbia): Currently, this institution plays a leading role in the plant cultivation sphere and other agricultural research both in the country and abroad.

Fundulea National Institute for Agricultural Research and Development (Romania).

During the recent years, Agroselect Semences Research and Development Center has created a number of hybrids with improved properties (enhanced crop capacity, higher disease resistance). They are currently being tested at various stages of the selection process. According to the preliminary results, these hybrids can successfully compete with similar hybrids bred by other institutions involved in selection.

In the course of time, Agroselect Semences Company started working not only in Moldova, but also in such countries as the Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

In the Republic of Moldova, Agroselect Semences is known as a producer of such hybrids as Drofa, Xenia, Oxana, Olea, Vitalia, Performer, and Valentino. The seeds are cultivated in about 2.000 hectares of agricultural land in 35 agricultural holdings whose activity covers all the regions of the country.

In the Ukraine, Agroselect Semences produces such hybrids as Drofa, Vitalia, and Xenia. According to the data provided by the sort testing stations in Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolayev, Odessa, Poltava, Vinnitsa, and Chernovtsy regions, the yield per hectare exceeded the standard for 5-5.19 quintals / ha.

In Russia, Agroselect Semences Company provides the following hybrids: Drofa, Olea, and Xenia. The results have demonstrated that these sorts’ characteristics are better than those of the varieties grown in these regions; as to the amount of crops per hectare compared with the standard index, the excess ranges from 3.2 to 12.2 quintals / ha, the oil concentration in the seeds is 7.4 per cent. These hybrids have been listed in the Register of the Selection Achievements as approved for use.

In Stavropol Region, Drofa hybrid yields 38 quintals / ha.

In the tests performed at Pavlovskaya Niva Agricultural Company, in Voronezh Region, Agroselect Semences Company has reached the following results: Drofa – 33.9 quintals / hectare, Vitalia – 31.3 quintals / hectare, Vitalia OR – 27 quintals / hectare, Oxana – 35.3 quintals / hectare.

In harsh climatic conditions, Agroselect Semences hybrid crop products have also demonstrated good results. In Voronezh Region, Drofa hybrid yields 27.4 quintals / yields in an area of ​​800 hectares.

In Volgograd Region, Xenia hybrid yields about 20 quintals / hectare.

At present, Russian distributors are actively developing sub-distributor network for hybrid sunflower seeds in all the regions of the Russian Federation.

Having listed our achievements, and basing on our extensive experience and high-quality results we are proud of, we can say with confidence that Agroselect Semences Research and Development Center is a quality-oriented institution open to fruitful cooperation with even the most demanding customers, whose expectations we guarantee to justify, as we can say without false modesty.

Seven new hybrids: Dacia, Talmaz, Zimbru, Codru, Fanflor, Performer, and Sandrina, are currently being tested 

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